High Performance Dedicated Servers With Advanced Anti-DDos Protection

Budget Dedicated Servers

Included with your server:

When you rent an europe dedicated Servers, You benefit from all the services supported by Okayservers: anti-DDoS, distributions, backup storage space, etc. These servers are reliable and flexible, making them the ideal servers for startups and SMEs.

  • DDoS protection: protect your server 24/7 against any type of DDoS attack
  • 250 Mbps Guaranteed bandwidth
  • 1GBPS Uplink Port
  • Unmetered traffic/bandwidth
  • Dedicated Servers hosted in data centers located in France (Roubaix, Grave lines, Strasbourg) and Canada (Beauharnais)

So, choose us today and avail this now.

Need more storage?

You get a 100 GB backup space with your Budget servers. This backup space is fully managed by our teams, so that we can offer you an easy-to-use, quality service. You can choose to increase your data capacity up to 10 TB. Our unmetered dedicated servers are backed up by the expertise and innovation of Okayservers, the only hosting provider on the market to support these protocols: FTP, FTPS, NFS/CIFS (optional $2.00 /month)

  • 500 GB $20.00/mo
  • 1 TB* $30.00/Mo.
  • 5 TB* $60.00/Mo.
  • 10 TB* $89.00/Mo.
  • *From 1 TB, a new storage space will be offered. The data must be transferred by you within 1 month. Please contact Us

Your extra storage space

With the USB option, you can enjoy up to 512 GB of additional space with your dedicated server. You can connect 1 or 2 USB keys with storage ranging from 16 GB to 256 GB per drive. Uses of USB key are Backup, Storage and System.

  • 16 GB $0.00
  • 32 GB $5.00/Mo.
  • 64 GB $10.00/Mo.
  • 128 GB $20.00/Mo.
  • 256 GB $40.00/Mo.

Setup Fees: $39.00

- Setting up your first USB stick requires a restart of your dedicated server in order to activate the USB in the BIOS (operation performed by our datacentre technicians); Please note that your USB key remains installed on your server for the duration of your service. Once installed it cannot be removed. Please contact us


cPanel is an ideal management interface for managing the services on your Dedicated server (web, emails, databases etc). You can install it on your Dedicated server with any distribution. You get full root access where you can make your own resellers and much more.

Operating System

We have many pre-configured distributions available for Dedicated servers This includes CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Archlinux, Windows, Lamp Linux, Prestashop Liux, Joomla Linux, Drupal Linux, Wordpress Linux, cPanel/WHM, Plesk 12 Linux. Please find updated list on order form after clicking on "Order Now" button.

DDOS Protection PRO

We run hardware based firewalls to protect your server from cyber-attacks. We also employ DDoS security to prevent and discourage denial of service attacks on your server. To guarantee 24/7 availability and maximum redundancy of your server internet connection, all links are doubled at each routing point.Click here for more information.

ddos protected dedicated servers

16 IPs with no monthly fees and up to 128 optional

Budget dedicated servers enable you to take up to 128 failover IPs as an option. It only takes a few seconds to switch a FO IP or an IP block from one server to another. These IPs allow you to avoid the interruptions that could lead to hardware failure, overload or any other kind of issues on your infrastructure.

Datacenters and Network

Okayservers has partnered with world-class network providers to equip our clients with latest available technologies. All of above dedicated servers are physically located in Europe/France and Montreal Québec/Canada datacenters operated by Okayservers. Click here for more information.