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In the world of global competition, it is necessary to retain your customers. The greater the number of customers, the greater is the chance of a business development. A customer is the backbone of any business. In the world of online economies, where businesses are not carried out through one to one communication, but instead with the help of certain means of communication, customer services are highly significant. The customer needs satisfaction, guidance and help round the clock. This is what makes the job of a customer support center very important for the smooth business deals. A customer support center in this background is like a call center, which can deal with a huge number of customer requests and ensures smooth customer communication. The main sources of support in any customer center are telephone, letters, e-mail, faxes and even live chats. A customer service center extends help by linking the customer to the organization, through Customer Relationship management Strategy.

We open the doors with wide open arms at Okayservers's Support Centre. We welcome the customers and help them reach us using all means of communication. We want our customers to feel satisfied with whatever we provide them. Supporting the customers efficiently is what we look forward to. We keep the choice of the support systems open and the customers can reach us through any convenient medium for them. So if you are a customer trying to reach us, call us, fax us, e-mail us, you will find us at your service. We can support you through the following means:

Help Desk is the most efficient way of satisfying our customers. We are there for you all round the clock throughout the week. The objective of the help desk is to extend maximum support at all levels. You can reach our help desk anytime. At the help desk, we offer all levels of support and they are further handled with extreme professionalism and efficiency, to ensure that being a customer you are getting the best. The customers are issued a ticket to reach the sales department or the customer service. Professional helpers join you on the help desk to give you the best services.

Live Chat helps the customer to directly reach the Sales and General Enquiries. Although it is a quick access to these services, yet it has certain limitations. The customers get a limited support. In case the traffic is more it becomes difficult for the customer to reach the support center. Hence, the availability becomes limited also. Live chat helps the customer to get quick and spontaneous responses and so he does not have to wait longer.

Knowledgebase Articles: A customer is always looking for some practical knowledge. At our center, we offer extensive knowledge through well written articles and tutorials. The articles keep adding to our website. It becomes easy for the customer to find anything, anytime. The choice of articles is great and so you can get access to a great stock of knowledge base articles, rendering professional help whenever you need. They are easy to access and just one click away from you.

Company Blog is essential to keep you aware of the recent company happenings. The blogs can update you about what the company is doing and what it intends to do in the future. The comments are like a mirror to us that help us review our performance. The blogs have all necessary details about our sales, promotions and announcements.

Frequently Asked Questions is the zone of your interest. No mind can stay away from inquiring more about the company. We have a number of answers to satisfy your number of questions. Still, if you don’t find any question of your concern, we will update the section and try to tell you what you really want. You may add questions that you think should be there at

Email Addresses are also there to reach any department you like. The important addresses that you can write to are as follows:

  • Sales Department:
  • Support:
  • Billing Department:
  • Abuse Department: