DDos Protected Dedicated Servers

1. Anti-DDoS

Anti-DDos developed by OVH aims to protect the server on 24/7 basis and makes all kinds of DDoS attacks void. This Anti-DDoS system protects the server without following any time limitation. Anti-DDoS is a free solution that analyses the data packets that travel towards your server.

Anti-DDoS has a filter applied through which the acceptable and suspicious packets are filtered. Anti-DDoS allows all the acceptable ones to pass through while a mitigation activity is executed against the suspicious ones. Anti-DDoS does not have any restrictions in terms of number of attacks that are prevented or time frame for which the mitigation plan is launched. However, it does not provide any multi point mitigation strategy.

2. Anti-DDoS PRO

Anti-DDoS PRO is an improved version of Anti-DDoS and provides multi point mitigation. There are three points from where the attacks are protected. These include Central Europe, Western Europe and North America.

Both Anti-DDoS and Anti-DDoS PRO offer VPS facilities and are run using cloud technology. Anti-DDoS also offers the option to configure the firewall. This option is not offered by Anti-DDoS. Another difference between Anti-DDoS PRO and Anti-DDoS is that the PRO version comes with the version 6 of the application programming interface. Anti-DDoS does not have this feature. Anti-DDoS PRO provides permanent mitigation unlike Anti-DDoS.

3. Anti-DDoS For GAME Servers

Anti-DDoS GAME is a customized version that is used to protect game servers. When you are using different UDP ports to connect to different gaming infrastructures, a variety of traffic tries to access the system. This is what increases the chances of the server being attacked.

The anti - DDoS game applies executes a filtering activity through which the traffic trying to access the system is checked. In addition to that, malicious traffic is prevented from accessing the system or damaging it in any manner. Anti-DDoS Game offers the permanent mitigation option like Anti-DDoS PRO.